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  Schuetzen Group at NFGA

NFGA shooters are reviving the honorable, precise and challenging art of freestanding, off-hand rifle shooting with .22 LR and Centerfire rifles, that was the top discipline of the early 20th Century American marksmanship. During the outdoor season shooting is done at 200 yards and during the winter indoor season at 25 yards.

Schuetzen Group

Front row L to R: Alex Glumac / Bob Corsetti / Brian Ribaudo / Paul Trudel / Ron Coble / Pete Hinkle / Dave Sicley
Back row L to R: Bill Gilbody / Steve Grayner / Bill Ross / Dick Bishop / Andrew Lyon / Conrad Nelson / Fred Fowler
Members unavailable for the picture: Ron Marcotte / Keith Herlihy / Jerry Dumoulin / Bob Santoro / Bernhard Martin

Come out and expand the group Monday mornings @ 9:00 AM.

Contact Paul Trudel at, if you want to try your hand at this, the most challenging off-hand markmanship discipline.